Sarah McCaffrey is an American data privacy and security professional, Marine Corps veteran, and kinship foster care advocate in Washington State. She has managed enterprise-scale programs in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Disney, and she is a licensed foster parent. She serves on the Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families Kinship Care Oversight Committee and as a member of the Women Veterans Leadership Program with The Mission Continues national service organization.

Sarah will soon complete a doctorate in engineering and cybersecurity analytics from George Washington University. She graduated from the University of Washington with an MBA in technology management and a master’s in digital media communication, and from Fort Hays State University with a bachelor’s in information systems and web development, earned concurrent with military service as a Staff Sergeant. She lives in Maple Valley, Wash. with her husband, two biological children, and a family that has so far looked different each year. In her personal time, she likes to hike and travel, and you can often find her reading with an insistent beagle in her lap.

Sarah and Mickey

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